The key to future-proofing urban areas

Effective water management is essential to addressing climate-change and enhancing the liveability of our cities. This includes how we capture and repurpose water and protect our natural waterways.

As part of its urban greening portfolio, Lupazco also works with innovative partners to deliver water management solutions.

These solutions use eco-friendly materials to help harness excess rainfall, mitigate potential flood damage and minimise what ends up in our drains as wastewater.


Using innovative materials to help manage natural resources, one of the innovative products that Lupazco offers is Hydrorock. This is cutting edge 100% natural product that has been designed to absorb 94% water of its cubic volume.

This means it rapidly absorbs and disperses water that would otherwise end up in our waterways or sewer and makes for a unique future-proof landscaping material.  Made from a mix of woollen encasing and basalt, it is extremely durable, lightweight, and versatile.

This eco-friendly, innovative, and hard-wearing material is used in Lupazco’s water management solutions. Designed to capture water from roofs and gutters, as well as recalibrate the equilibrium of moisture in the soil in urban areas, we work with partners to deliver solutions that are kinder to the environment and help to address climate challenges of the future.


Most buildings in built up areas are surrounded by paved or concrete walkways – these are unforgiving and impermeable surfaces made from hard-wearing materials. These materials have a direct impact on heat absorption, and increase ambient temperatures in and around the buildings, as well as effect airborne pollution released into the atmosphere. Lupazco works with innovative partners to offer drainage and water management solutions to assist in managing these environmental challenges. These incorporate leading-edge materials that can assist in water overflow and offer an excellent alternative for areas such as parking surfaces, access roads and driveways.

Not only do these permeable paving solutions assist with storm water capture, they provide a lightweight high performance turf stabilisation layer which can also results in cost savings.


Designed to protect grass at the root level these solutions also help to stabilise the surrounding soil. This is particularly important for areas frequented by trucks and other heavy vehicular loadings where conformity with access safety requirements is critical.

Lupazco’s permeable paving solutions have also become the preferred drainage solution for sports fields, civil works and retaining walls. Initially designed to facilitate the production of roof gardens, our innovative solutions have now become a landscaping industry standard.


Lupazco stands for professional advice based on years of industry experience. Our team is highly knowledgeable, and customer focused. We offer unique walling and surfacing solutions that are practical and provide outstanding long-term value. Lupazco sources products and materials that are durable and offer value for money. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that provide the highest in quality standards that are appealing to the eye. What’s more, we only specify products that have been thoroughly tested in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable, eco-friendly and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

Chris Kooijman, Director

Chris kooijman


In order to offer our customers surfacing and walling solutions that meet their needs, we use products that have impressed professionals from all over the world. The products we use are produced with the highest quality standards. We aim for durability and value for money when sourcing for materials and products. We only specify products that have been tested thoroughly in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

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