Our green walls are living artworks. They look great and make us feel good.  Green walls positively impact and enhance areas where we work and play.

By incorporating natural green design elements into our homes and offices, we harness all the benefits of being immersed in nature with all the feel-good factors. Not only do they transform indoor areas, but green walls also offer the added advantages of cleverly managing acoustics through sound absorption as well as boosting oxygen levels which has been shown to improve productivity in corporate settings.

Green walls use biophilic design principals and can be used for just about any application. They are ideal for any busy indoor area whether it be an office, foyer, restaurant, or meeting place.


Living green walls provide an excellent way of incorporating more green into both indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer texture, colour, and life, transforming otherwise plain walls into up-market, harmonious design features that look visually appealing, and simply make sense.

Lupazco specialises in creating sustainable green walls that can be customised to your design needs, budget, and taste. Using knowledge and know-how from years of experience, Lupazco can recommend the most suitable option for all domestic and commercial applications, so you’ll be enjoying all the benefits of your new vertical garden before you know it.


Moss walls are another interesting way to bring green, or any other colour for that matter, into your green wall design.

Lupazco’s preserved moss portfolio can be adhered to all types of surfaces, both natural or manmade, making it the ideal material for designers and architects to work with. Its pliability, ability to be layered, and sound absorption capacity creates a unique, soft canvas that can be tailored to any indoor application or design.

This eco-friendly, versatile material is used very effectively to produce creative and naturally textured murals that not only look amazing but enhance the sound quality and feel of any space.


Green walls are living and breathing art that help transform spaces and places. However, some-times a living green wall is not a sustainable option due to the location, position, or upkeep. This is where artificial greenery comes into its own.

Lupazco offers artificial plants that look just like the real thing. The visual effect remains the same, as does noise buffering, but the ongoing maintenance is simpler and cheaper as there is no need to water or replace any plants. What’s more, our artificial plant solutions are completely customisable, even in the most challeng-ing of applications. They provide an instant makeover to almost any space with the added wellbeing factor.


Lupazco stands for professional advice based on years of industry experience. Our team is highly knowledgeable, and customer focused. We offer unique walling and surfacing solutions that are practical and provide outstanding long-term value. Lupazco sources products and materials that are durable and offer value for money. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that provide the highest in quality standards that are appealing to the eye. What’s more, we only specify products that have been thoroughly tested in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable, eco-friendly and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

Chris Kooijman, Director

Chris kooijman


In order to offer our customers surfacing and walling solutions that meet their needs, we use products that have impressed professionals from all over the world. The products we use are produced with the highest quality standards. We aim for durability and value for money when sourcing for materials and products. We only specify products that have been tested thoroughly in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

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