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A garden is the perfect place to relax, sit back and take some time for yourself. Besides that, it is a focal point of most properties. The challenge is that many home owners don’t have enough time to keep up with the maintenance of their garden, or simply don’t enjoy gardening.

A beautiful garden all year around with virtually no maintenance

If would like to meet the desire of your client to create a green private oasis while keeping it low maintenance and beautiful all year round, artificial grass is a great option to consider.
A dense, green artificial grass carpet accents other landscape features and structures as no other ground cover can.

Natural looking artificial grass for residential gardens

In the last few years high quality artificial grass for gardens has gained a lot of interest from the landscaping and architectural community. At Lupazco, we understand that synthetic turf can only be an option when it is undistinguishable from real grass. That’s why we work with the Dutch brand Royal Grass. Their turf is eco-friendly, sustainable and durable. Their grasses mimic natural grass perfectly and compliment the design of residential gardens in an unmatched way. Royal Grass has been the preferred artificial grass choice for many home owners in Australia.

Whether you are designing a small residential garden or big wide areas that need a green, natural look, artificial turf is a great, durable solution. Home owners won’t have to worry about patchy areas in their garden or the high costs of employing a gardener to take care of their backyard. Synthetic turf decreases the maintenance of a garden to nearly zero. Occasional brushing to remove leaves and keep the fibres upright is enough to keep an artificial grass lawn beautiful. And if any stain occurs, it can be easily removed with some hot tap water.

Royal Grass comes with 9 years of warranty on UV stability in Australia.