What we have been witnessing across the globe is demand for personalised putting greens at home. Lupazco offers customised golfing surfacing solutions for all golfing enthusiasts, whether at home or the workplace which can be used any time of the day. We work with you to deliver the ideal surface considering your specific requirements, budget and handicap. We all know that by incorporating more green space into our lives offers a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits, but by adding usability and functionality to your green space, our golfing greens are even more appealing.

Benefits of artificial grass for golf:

  • Functionality and performance
  • Suitable for all ages and levels
  • Customisable to needs and requirements
  • Resilient and hard wearing
  • Looks and feels just like grass
  • Varying green speeds


Lupazco prides itself on working closely with its clients to deliver the ultimate in golfing solutions. We always have our customer in mind to ensure that it not only meets specific golfing requirements and characteristics, but that it complements the space where it is installed. Our clients enjoy this process as we work with them on design and function, right down to the number of putting holes, level of undulation in the site and the location of installation. Lupazco can also recommend lighting solutions to ensure your personal putting green is fully accessible any time.


Artificial grass is not made equal. Based on years of experience, Lupazco can recommend solutions that not only look like real grass but handle like real grass. This is critical when it comes to golfing solutions.  We work with you to determine the blade length and the density of the surface needed to suit your personalised golfing style and handicap.  We understand the importance of choosing the right solution as this impacts ball roll speed, the look and feel of your golfing green, and ultimately your end game.


When it comes to delivering a golfing solution that meets all your needs, we offer the unique combination of innovative materials and experience to create a golfing green that ticks all the boxes. Not only do we work with you from the outset to understand your specific requirements, we take into consideration the space, and design a green that only complements its surroundings but brings out your golfing best.


Lupazco stands for professional advice based on years of industry experience. Our team is highly knowledgeable, and customer focused. We offer unique walling and surfacing solutions that are practical and provide outstanding long-term value. Lupazco sources products and materials that are durable and offer value for money. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that provide the highest in quality standards that are appealing to the eye. What’s more, we only specify products that have been thoroughly tested in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable, eco-friendly and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

Chris Kooijman, Director

Chris kooijman


Many years of experience in the solution specification field enable us to tailor our suggestions closely to your needs and projects and to pragmatically think along to find the best solution. We work with our clients as a partner, with the end result in mind. Regardless of project size, we think along and feel responsible for achieving the best final result.


In order to offer our customers surfacing and walling solutions that meet their needs, we use products that have impressed professionals from all over the world. The products we use are produced with the highest quality standards. We aim for durability and value for money when sourcing for materials and products. We only specify products that have been tested thoroughly in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

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