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Rooftops are normally kept simple and functional, yet more and more architects and designers pick up the trend of using this area to enhance the overall look and feel of a property or create living spaces on top of a building. Green roofs have become an aesthetically appealing design and lifestyle element. They are no longer limited to sustainability focused buildings and companies.

The colour and texture of artificial grass can really transform a boring concrete area in a green oasis. It is even possible to use a mix of green colours. This gives you the chance to create depth and diversity in your designs.

A rooftop garden – easily maintained with artificial grass

Artificial grass is an ideal solution for rooftops. It does not require irrigation and the required cleaning and maintenance is virtually non-existent, making it a cost-efficient rooftop solution. The lush green look creates a relaxed atmosphere and invites residents to spend time outside out of sight of pass byers and pedestrians. An artificial grass garden on your rooftop can be easily combined with potted plants and outdoor furniture.

Lower pressure on your drainage systems

An additional benefit is the pressure artificial grass on a rooftop can take away from drainage systems and sewers. Research has shown that an artificial turf area can pick up to 50% of the rain and release it back into the atmosphere. This is especially useful during heavy rain when drainage systems are often flooded.

For all our artificial grass solutions, we work with the Dutch brand Royal Grass which has a proven track record in Australia. Royal Grass offers the most natural looking artificial grass on the market. Homeowners favour the Dutch brand for its durability and diversity in green shades and fibre length, while professionals enjoy the service provided by Royal Grass suppliers. At Lupazco this service includes consulting on the type of grass, drainage system and all other aspects that are needed to create a stunning result. We want our clients to succeed and to see their clients happy, that’s why we choose to work with a high-quality brand like Royal Grass for artificial grass rooftops.

Artificial grass on a rooftop is a unique building and design feature that increases property value and the living quality of residents while keeping long-term costs low and the required maintenance to a minimum.