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Artificial grass for playgrounds is becoming a real trend. That’s not surprising. Artificial grass has a lot of advantages over real grass. Especially when it is used intensively. Synthetic turf can literally transform a muddy, poor looking play area into an attractive, inviting place for play, exercise and sport at schools and early learning facilities. It is low-maintenance, long-lasting and dries quickly (even after heavy rainfall) and it enables children to enjoy playing in an environment created especially for them.

Ideal for intensive play

Playgrounds are used intensively, all the more when they have challenging playground equipment to climb on. Continuous ‘trampling’ will take a heavy toll on the lifespan of artificial grass. That’s why selecting the right top layer is important.

At Lupazco we work with the Dutch brand Royal Grass. They make various types of artificial grass especially for playgrounds and playing fields. Their Royal Grass Ultra and Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0. score both very well when it comes to performance. They are specially designed to withstand the roughest treatment. As Royal Grass uses sand infills and the fibres do not contain heavy metals or toxic chemicals, it is a totally safe solution for children. In addition, Royal Grass artificial grass has a very natural look. It is often hard to distinguish it from real grass.

Maximizing performance with ProGame shockpads

To maximize the performance of the artificial grass system we use ProGame shockpads of Trocellen. ProGame is an innovative shock pad system that can be installed below artificial turf fields. ProGame is of great benefits for playgrounds. The shock absorbing foam increases the safe fall-height and minimizes the risk of injury. It offers maximum protection and comfort. As it does not contain any toxic element, it’s absolutely safe for children. ProGame shockpads meet the requirements of official sports federations.

Architectural play equipment

A modern playground must not only be fun and expressive, but also merge aesthetics, form and function. That’s why we cooperate with play and outdoor fitness solutions company Kinetics. With this partnership, we can offer highly bespoke playground solutions in Australia. Their advanced modular play solutions can be adapted in myriads of ways with colours, designs, and various levels of challenge, excitement and fun. They blend seamlessly with architectural elements and landscape to bring your playground to life. Kinetics has achieved multiple award winning designs solutions with clients across various countries in Asia.