In the last decade, we have seen major innovations in the development of artificial grass. Artificial grass can now be used in the most complex landscaping projects. It has become a great solution if you would like to balance aesthetics with functionality.

Artificial grass is now used for many types of (commercial) applications, ranging from large urban projects, rooftops, playgrounds, school fields as well as public (commercial) areas.  Artificial grass is ideal for use in circumstances where ordinary grass would need extra special care to grow or where there is no budget or time for maintenance.


Natural grass puts a lot of limitations on the plans of landscape architects and professionals; be it the high maintenance costs or the irrigation and sunlight that is needed. Artificial grass frees you from these restrictions and enables you to design green spaces and areas to your liking.

Synthetic grass landscapes don’t require exposure to sunlight and therefore can stretch deep into areas of shade. As no irrigation is needed, bigger areas can be covered with artificial grass as no additional work or water costs will occur during the maintenance of the area. Artificial grass can also be installed on surfaces that are normally not suited to grow regular grass or would require intense fertilization.


The strong resistance of high quality artificial grass against wear and tear factors makes it an ideal solution for areas that are highly trafficked by pedestrians, pets or playing children. Where normal grass landscapes would suffer from the formation of trails, high quality artificial grass remains beautiful and sound. Especially when used for playground landscaping, synthetic grass provides benefits that are unique: through the installation of additional shock pads below the artificial turf carpet, the safety fall height can be increased to up to 3 meters.

As a natural look is a key factor for every type of artificial grass, our artificial grass is known for the high quality. Unique production and design techniques have resulted in synthetic turf that often tricks viewers into thinking that they are observing real grass. Different shades of green and a variety of fibre length make artificial grass mimic natural grass perfectly and it allows designers and landscape architects to be creative and combine different products.

Durable and high performing artificial grass by is favoured by many landscape architects when designing and planning large or complex landscaping projects.


Lupazco stands for professional advice based on years of industry experience. Our team is highly knowledgeable, and customer focused. We offer unique walling and surfacing solutions that are practical and provide outstanding long-term value. Lupazco sources products and materials that are durable and offer value for money. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that provide the highest in quality standards that are appealing to the eye. What’s more, we only specify products that have been thoroughly tested in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable, eco-friendly and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

Chris Kooijman, Director

Chris kooijman


Many years of experience in the solution specification field enable us to tailor our suggestions closely to your needs and projects and to pragmatically think along to find the best solution. We work with our clients as a partner, with the end result in mind. Regardless of project size, we think along and feel responsible for achieving the best final result.


In order to offer our customers surfacing and walling solutions that meet their needs, we use products that have impressed professionals from all over the world. The products we use are produced with the highest quality standards. We aim for durability and value for money when sourcing for materials and products. We only specify products that have been tested thoroughly in the field. All products in our portfolio are extremely durable and offer long-term cost efficiency to our clients.

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