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A swimming pool can be a stunning addition to an outdoor living area. Besides, it brings a lot of fun and provides a refreshing break during hot summer days. If people are considering a swimming pool for their garden, the question often is what to surround the pool area with. This is a challenge for many swimming pool owners.

Wood or stone flooring and regular grasses are often the first options considered. However, once people hear about artificial grass, they easily change their mind as artificial grass around pools balances aesthetics and practicality.

Artificial Grass is safe and slip proof

The surrounding of a pool plays an important role when constructing and designing a garden or backyard. The flooring has to be able to absorb water that is carried out of the pool by swimmers without becoming slippery. Regular grass possesses this feature to a certain degree, but often becomes muddy and loses its stability. This means that it becomes more sensitive to wear and tear factors like foot traffic.

Artificial grass, also called synthetic turf, has found its way into the industry many years ago. It’s incredibly low maintenance and its water resistance makes it a great pairing for swimming pools of every size.

Artificial grass around a pool lets the water sink into the ground. This attribute ensures that the grass stays beautiful for a long time without becoming slippery. Staying dry even after heavy exposure to water, makes sure that pool visitors can safely enter and leave the pool without the dangers that occur when stone or tile surroundings get wet.

A beautiful, natural look for your garden and pool

By surrounding a swimming pool with artificial grass, you are able to achieve a natural, green look that integrates well with the appearance of the pool. Artificial grass is very resistant to wear and tear and low in maintenance. A good artificial grass only needs occasional brushing to keep the fibres upright and remove leaves.

At Lupazco we work with the Dutch brand Royal Grass. Royal Grass offers high quality artificial grass that perfectly mimics the look of real grass. Their grasses often fool visitors into thinking that they are looking at a natural lawn. As Royal Grass offers a wide range of artificial grass products, there will always be a suitable synthetic lawn for your specific project. Different fibre lengths and green tones enable you to be creative when designing pool surroundings with artificial grass.

Professionals all over the world have praised the high quality and durability of the Royal Grass products. And they are completely safe for children and pets as no rubber infill is used. By choosing Royal Grass, you will be able to create the most natural looking artificial grass area you have ever seen.