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wood plastic composite & hybrid wood systems

Composite wood products are a long-term alternative when it comes to wooden exterior constructions.

Geolam places particular attention to quality and natural appearance, it was evident to ally directly with the Japanese inventors of the wood composite and to benefit in this way from know-how and experience acquired over the last forty years.

Although Geolam planks look and feel like real wood, they are inherently much more resistant than tropical wood. Moreover, Geolam products are helping to conserve the world’s rainforests and the environment in general since its manufacture does not involve cutting down trees, and treating and maintaining it causes no secondary pollution.

Nautral Beauty Enabled By Technology

The qualities of rare tropical hardwoods served as yardsticks in developing the Geolam wood composite. Nishibori Sadao took recycled softwood and recycled polymer resin (polypropylene) to create a material that can now look back on four decades of refinement and whose defining features include a natural wood look coupled with outstanding durability. This was the dawning day of the ‘wood-polymer composite’ (WPC), a material that also satisfies the highest ecological standards. Inspired by nature.

Environmentally Friendly

Since Geolam WPC products are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, they comply with the extremely strict JIS A 5741 standard awarded by Japan’s national laboratory that classifies recycled composite woods. This certification guarantees that the product is free from toxic substances. It assesses all the components used, their quality and their performance, as well as the safety and environmental friendliness of the composite wood products.