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At Lupazco, we believe that only the best products are worth our and, most importantly, your time. Products that convince by design, production standards, cost efficiency, versatility and overall fit for complex architectural and landscaping projects.

Because we have set high standards for ourselves, we have chosen a few strategic partners who supply products of incredibly high quality. We have chosen these partners not only based on the appeal of their products, but also on factors like reliability, a proven track record with other prestigious architectural and landscape projects and the recommendations of leading architects and designers around the world.

Royal Grass – The most natural looking artificial grass

We have selected Royal Grass as our exclusive, trusted partner for the artificial grass solutions we provide. Royal Grass has a long, international track record and has been used in projects of different sizes and complexity in over 45 countries worldwide. Millions of people are enjoying the Royal Grass products in their garden, local park, playground or school.

The Dutch brand has been active in the Australian market for several years. The company has shown that their products suit the taste of Australians and that their grasses do not only comply to strict European rules, but also to Australian safety regulations

Royal Grass is known for the realistic appearance of its artificial grass. They are continuously striving to improve the look of their grasses and keep on researching possibilities for better performance. Longevity and high resistance against wear and tear make Royal Grass the number one choice for artificial grass.

Wall and floor tiles by Tilemark – Customization made easy

For interior and exterior tile solutions, we have chosen Tilemark as our trusted partner. Tilemark not only produces high quality wall and floor tiles, they also have created a system that allows you to design your own tiles and take customization to the next level. The possibilities with Tilemark’s customized wall and floor tiles are endless; it enables each designer or home owner to create something truly unique.

Commercial and public spaces benefit from Tilemark’s ability to tailor informational and directional signs perfectly to their corporate identity and integrate them directly into the flooring or wall design.

Trocellen – Adding safety

For our playground surfacing solutions we work with the German company Trocellen, a provider of advanced foam technology. Their broad network of partners, universities, institutes and designers enable them to continuously develop innovative solutions for, amongst others, sports and leisure areas. Their products help us to create a safe playground environment, giving parents and guardians more peace of mind while their kids play.

By working with these trusted partners, we are able to offer you the best products and solutions for your project at hand.

Kinetics – Professional Playgrounds

For our architectural playground solutions we have partnered with Kinetics, a fitness and play company based in Malaysia. They create a platform to express playgrounds and fitness in the same form language as architects and designers, projecting uniformity in design and style. Their unique systems respect landscape, space and good values while promoting health and development. Every play component has been carefully researched and designed to provide challenging activities and excitement for children of all ages.

Geolam – sustainable hardwood alternatives

Established 40 years ago as a marriage between Swiss and Japanse technology, Geolam has made a name for itself as a producer of sustainable hardwood alternatives. The Switzerland based company has managed to create a product that not only perfectly mimics the visual features of tropical hardwoods, but that is even more resistant and enabled to withstand natural forces like rain and wind. All of the features of hardwoods delivered for your project without compromising on sustainability. Not a single tree has to be cut to produce the beautiful wood planks by Geolam.