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Tiles, for flooring and walls, are incredibly versatile. The variety in colour, style and texture you can choose from allow designers and architects to use floor and wall tiles for virtually every project they might encounter. The limitations in the use of tiles for walls and floors are only set by the designers own creativity as the products can be cut into every shape and be fitted to the specifics of each space to be designed.

Floor and wall tiles: convenient yet contemporary

Floor and wall tiles can complement every indoor or outdoor design while being easy to maintain. In contrast to wood, floor tiles don’t require sealing and polishing. Another benefit of both floor and wall tiles is their exchangeability. Should damage occur on one of the tiles, it can easily be replaced and repair costs are kept to a minimum.

Floor and wall tiles by Tilemark

At Lupazco, we work with the Swedish brand Tilemark as our exclusive partner for floor and wall tiles. Tilemark was founded on the believe that traditional craftsmanship and modern technology combined can create stunning results. Their vision is to create beautiful surroundings that will endure the test of time.

Their unique design system allows you to design your own tiles or engrave them according to your taste. It allows architects and designers to be creative and that’s what matters most to us at Lupazco.

What makes Tilemark’s system unique is the ability to integrate every scalable vector graphic into their system and to print it with surgical precision onto the tiles. This makes it possible to customize each tile to your specific needs.

By default, the design editor includes a number of patterns that can be used to kickstart the design process. These patterns are hand drawn and showcase the precision that Tilemark’s machines are working with. A standard library of pictograms will inspire you and can be used when a customized symbol isn’t necessary. Click here to find out more.