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A balcony, like a garden, is often a home owners best space to relax and retreat within their private property. It allows them to wind down, let their thoughts flow and have a drink in fresh air.

Most of us enjoy being in nature, but parks are many times the only way to enjoy some greenery when living in a condominium or multi-level building. Luckily there is artificial grass. For those people that would like to turn their balcony into an attractive ambience to enjoy and relax, artificial grass is a great option. Artificial grass transforms each boring concrete balcony into a trendy, green oasis.

Low maintenance synthetic turf that looks natural and is highly resistant

Artificial grass on balconies offers tremendous benefits, such as virtually no maintenance and high resistance to common wear and tear factors like foot traffic, pets and UV-rays. Wooden flooring often bleaches out without proper maintenance and loses its beautiful look and visual texture. However, artificial grass on a balcony is significantly more resistant to colour loss from UV-rays.

Water drainage is an important aspect to keep into account when installing artificial grass on balconies. Is should be avoided that the grass carpet remains wet all the time. Fortunately, most balconies are constructed in a way that allows water drainage to run-off. In addition to that, drainage tiles can be installed as an underlay because they are designed to collect and redirect water away.

Synthetic Grass for a balcony – creating a green oasis

At Lupazco we work with Royal Grass from the Netherlands. The Dutch brand has proven itself through years of experience. Their extremely natural looking products have fooled many viewers into believing they are looking at a natural grass carpet. As artificial grass on a balcony is often exposed to excessive sunlight, Royal Grass offers 9 years warranty on UV stability in Australia. This ensures that your client’s investment pays off and guarantees a great look for a long time.