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Customization plays an important role when designing a project for demanding clients. Gone are the times of designs from the catalogue. Clients demand uniquely designed spaces that are tailored to their wishes in every aspect. When you design your own tiles you are not only able to plan more complex designs, but you also give your clients access to a vast variety of looks for their wall and floor tiles.

Involving the client

At Lupazco we work with the Swedish company Tilemark for our floor and wall tiles solutions. Tilemark’s unique tile designing tool allows you to design your own tiles and to involve your client into the design process. Not only does it allow them to fulfill their dream design exactly as they imagine it, it also allows you to work closer with your client which will lead to a better mutual understanding during the entire project.

Customized tiles for commercial spaces

Commercial spaces can also benefit from Tilemark’s solution to customize tiles. With their system, informational signs can easily be integrated into the design of a wall. No need for additional toilet or direction signs, simply carve the sign into the tile and customize the tiles to suit the needs of your client. This new integrated approach allows for beautiful designs and the flawless combination of information and aesthetics.

While regular wall tile systems often also include signs that feature directional or informational signs, they are not customizable to suit the brand image and general design of a space. With Tilemark you are able to make sure that your design fits well with the overall corporate identity of your client.

What makes Tilemark’s system unique is the ability to integrate every scalable vector graphic into their system and to print it with surgical precision onto the tiles. By default, the design editor includes a number of patterns that can be used to kickstart your design process. These patterns are hand drawn and showcase the precision that Tilemark’s machines are working with. A standard library of pictograms will inspire you and can be used when a customized symbol isn’t necessary.

These features make Tilemark’s products unique and the perfect solution for creative and ambitious designers and architects!